Leafproof® gutters

There are other gutter covers on the market that work in a similar manner. However, these gutter covers do not have Leafproof’s® patented “S” bend. This means these covers must be installed under the second row of shingles and are often screwed or nailed into the roof. Feel free to contact our Lansing and Mid Michigan Gutter Company today to receive a free gutter consultation and estimnate!

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gutter specialists

You may not think about them often, but your gutters and downspouts are the first line of defense against hazardous water damage to your home or office building. Malfunctioning, clogged or just plain inadequate gutter systems can allow water to invade your walls and foundation, threatening structural integrity and reducing the life expectancy and value of your property.

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About Us

We started Southwell Builders in 1971 with one credo: "We Do It Right The First Time." That philosophy was introduced more than 30 years ago, and we have done our utmost ever since to adhere to that quality standard. There is no substitue for quality and experience! At Southwell Builders, we have both. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose us?

We strive for the best in product variety, quality workmanship and reasonable pricing, and all work is owner-supervised so, as a customer, you always have access to the person most responsible for our performance. We offer a variety of materials, hangers and gutter covers so that you have a wide selection to best suit your home or building. We offer 20 different gutter colors as well as copper so your gutter will be aesthetically pleasing.

Service Area

Our greater Lansing gutter repair and installation company serves the greater Lansing area and Mid Michigan. Some of our services include; Gutter Cleaning, repair and screening, Seamless aluminum eavestroughing specialists, LEAFPROOF™ premium solid gutter covers, matching aluminum trim on overhangs and much more!